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Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

My amazing husband and I have been married for 10 years. Each year on Valentine’s Day, my spouse treats me to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The only problem with this annual plan is crowd control. Many other local couples always have the same idea on this most romantic day of the year that we have. If you can relate to this scenario, why not reserve your Valentine’s Day restaurant now? Many eateries take reservations for this special occasion early. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you can be seated and served your delicious food quickly. On this blog, you will learn the many benefits of making reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

4 Caribbean Food Menu Options To Try With Kids

Nora Harper

It seems like no matter what restaurant you go to, the kid's menu includes chicken fingers, grilled cheese, and French fries. While a go-to option is ideal for most kids, you can expand their palettes and introduce cuisine when you dine at locations like a Caribbean restaurant.

When you want kids to try out unique meals, you do not need to make the options their whole course. Order side dishes or a plate the whole table can share. Check out some of the best ways to introduce Caribbean food and get children excited to explore new food options.

1. Fried Plantains

Similar to a banana in texture and appearance, fried plantains are an ideal sweet treat to provide children at the table. The fried part adds a unique touch to the meal and the plantains are often served as a side dish with bigger meals. Start off the meal with plantains as an appetizer if you wish. Some restaurants may offer a dipping sauce to go with the fruit.

2. Mild Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is one of the staple meal options at a Caribbean restaurant. If your child is not interested in trying meats like goat or ox, then the chicken is a nice gateway to different cuisine. When you order the jerk chicken, request a mild sauce. The mild flavors will ensure the chicken is not too spicy while still encompassing the main flavors of the meat and sauce.

Cut the chicken up into small bites so the child can choose their ideal portion size and get to enjoy the meat at their own pace.

3. Creamy Cornmeal

A sweet side dish served at many Caribbean restaurants is creamy cornmeal. The cornmeal is often mixed with other parts of a plate, but a child may like to try the cornmeal on its own. If the child enjoys the jerk chicken, then you can recommend the cornmeal as a nice mix-in option.

4. Jamaican Rice

One of the more basic options to have a child try is Jamaican rice. The side dish offers rich flavors and unique spices, but also has the familiarity of regular white rice. If the child orders a kid's meal, consider replacing a side option like French fries with the rice. You could also order the rice as an extra side.

Take your time with different meal options. Sometimes it's best to order options without asking and then see what foods your child is drawn to while you eat at the restaurant.