Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today
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Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

My amazing husband and I have been married for 10 years. Each year on Valentine’s Day, my spouse treats me to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The only problem with this annual plan is crowd control. Many other local couples always have the same idea on this most romantic day of the year that we have. If you can relate to this scenario, why not reserve your Valentine’s Day restaurant now? Many eateries take reservations for this special occasion early. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you can be seated and served your delicious food quickly. On this blog, you will learn the many benefits of making reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

Are You In Charge Of Your Next Corporate Event?

Nora Harper

Are you planning a corporate event that will be attended only by a select few executives? Perhaps the meeting will involve planning the next year's sales promotions. Or, it might be that big changes will be taking place and your group will be fine-tuning those changes. Whatever the reason that you are in charge of your next small corporate event, from arranging for private dining to planning entertainment, here are some ideas that might help you.

Private Dining - In the case of a small number for your event, does that mean as few as six people or as many as ten or fifteen people? As long as your group isn't super large, wouldn't you be comfortable having the event in a private dining room of an excellent restaurant? Will you be securing the private dining room, or do you have an assistant who will do that job for you? Either way, contact several restaurants that are known for their great service and their excellent food and find out if the restaurant has small dining rooms that can be used for private events. 

Once you have found the restaurant, consider whether your group will order from the menu or whether you will preorder the food. For example, if you decide to choose the meal yourself, perhaps you could choose two main foods, say grilled salmon and petite filet mignons. Sides like rice, a vegetable, and a salad with the house dressing will probably be well received by everybody in your group. Choose a decadent dessert to finish the meal.

The Entertainment - Obviously you're not getting a DJ or a band for your entertainment. However, would it be fun to have a comedian perform between the main part of the meal and when dessert is served? Or, maybe you'd like something more dignified. In that case, a violin trio might be nice. Both of those forms of entertainment would likely be very well received by your group.

Another idea would be to go somewhere totally different after dinner. If your group is mostly from out of town, think of making arrangements for those who attend the event to see your city's historic buildings and other local attractions. You might even want to go to a bar for a nightcap and for the entertainment that is offered in that place of business. 

With proper planning, your next corporate event can be a massive success. Work with a private events coordinator to learn more.