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Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

My amazing husband and I have been married for 10 years. Each year on Valentine’s Day, my spouse treats me to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The only problem with this annual plan is crowd control. Many other local couples always have the same idea on this most romantic day of the year that we have. If you can relate to this scenario, why not reserve your Valentine’s Day restaurant now? Many eateries take reservations for this special occasion early. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you can be seated and served your delicious food quickly. On this blog, you will learn the many benefits of making reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

Three Red Wine And Seafood Pairings You'll Love

Nora Harper

If you're like most people, you really love going out to lunch or dinner at a nice seafood restaurant. You may also enjoy a glass of good wine with your meal but aren't terribly crazy about white wine — and it's common knowledge that white wine is what pairs best with seafood. However, while it's true that most red wine isn't a good choice for drinking with most seafood because it's flavor tends to overwhelm most seafood choices, there are combinations that work well. Following are three ways that red wine lovers can enjoy the wine they love with a seafood restaurant lunch menu.

Salmon and Pinot Noir

If you've ever had a nice salmon dinner and paired it with a crisp, light white wine, you may have noticed that something seemed to be missing but couldn't quite put your finger on it. That was probably because salmon has a strong flavor that overshadows even robust white wines like Muscat. As a general rule of thumb, the color of the wine and the color of the meat should correspond as closely as possible, which means that a better pairing is a light red wine such as Pinot Noir. 

Sparkling Rosé and Shellfish

Sparkling wine of any type can be enjoyed with a wide range of food, but there's something about sparkling Rosé and shellfish that's particularly appropriate. Lobster, crab, and shrimp are often enjoyed as special occasion meals, and sparkling Rosé contributes to the overall celebratory atmosphere of meals featuring shellfish.

Beaujolais and Smoked Trout 

The quintessential picnic wine, Beaujolais is an ideal wine for enjoying with a dinner of smoked trout. Although trout actually has a flavor profile that's lighter and more delicate than most seafood, it holds smoke and seasonings really well, which gives smoked trout the added kick it needs to be able to work well with a light red wine. As an added bonus, both trout and Beaujolais are associated with al fresco eating, so pairing them creates a carefree picnic vibe even if you're enjoying a meal by the fireside in the middle of winter. 

Keep in mind that the most important thing to consider when ordering wine with a meal at a restaurant is whether or not you like that particular kind of wine. The second most important thing is to not be afraid to experiment with different pairing combinations, especially if your tastes tend to stray from the beaten path.