Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today
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Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

My amazing husband and I have been married for 10 years. Each year on Valentine’s Day, my spouse treats me to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The only problem with this annual plan is crowd control. Many other local couples always have the same idea on this most romantic day of the year that we have. If you can relate to this scenario, why not reserve your Valentine’s Day restaurant now? Many eateries take reservations for this special occasion early. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you can be seated and served your delicious food quickly. On this blog, you will learn the many benefits of making reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

Three Unhealthy Dining-Out Habits You Should Break Today

Nora Harper

With today's busy lifestyle, people eat out in restaurants more than ever before. However, dining out is often seen as a less-healthy option than cooking at home. It doesn't have to be this way! If you watch out for, and work on breaking, these unhealthy dining-out habits, you can better ensure the restaurant meals you're enjoying are good for your body.

Habit #1: Ordering an appetizer and a meal.

If you were dining at home, you wouldn't eat one meal immediately followed by a second one, would you? Thanks to the generous portions of most restaurant appetizers, this is essentially what ordering an appetizer in a restaurant has become. Skip the appetizers, and just order your main dish. If your dining companions are ordering appetizers and you feel awkward not ordering one yourself, get a salad. It will fill you up with healthy vegetables before your main meal comes, so you end up eating less of your entrée.

You can also ask your waiter at a well established restaurant, like Stardust Restaurant, about healthier entrée options.

Habit #2: Ordering the less-healthy side dish option in an effort to get your money's worth.

Most restaurants have a range of side dish choices, which include a few healthy veggies (like steamed broccoli or a sweet potato) and some less-healthy choices (like bacon mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese). A lot of diners order the less-healthy option because it comes in a bigger portion and they feel like they're getting more for their money that way. If you're trying to eat healthy, you need to break free of this mentality. The veggies really are the best deal – they're giving you more nutrition for your dollar!

Habit #3: Always ordering a beverage with your meal.

Whether you're in the habit of ordering a soda or you have an alcoholic beverage you prefer, the calories in these drinks really add up. Just 12 ounces of lemon-lime soda has 146 calories! Most people don't have just one drink with their meals, either. The server asks if you want a refill, and you say, "sure, fill it up." Start ordering water or unsweetened tea with your meals, and you'll be well on your way to consuming fewer calories.

 Some people feel guilty ordering water in a restaurant because they think it makes them look cheap. Don't get sucked into this mentality – you're doing something good for your healthy by ordering water, and that's completely socially acceptable.

If you're going to continue eating out regularly, then it's worth your while to get these bad dining habits in check. If you stick to ordering just a main dish with a healthy side and drinking water with all of your meals, dining out doesn't have to wreck your waistline or your overall health.