Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today
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Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

My amazing husband and I have been married for 10 years. Each year on Valentine’s Day, my spouse treats me to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The only problem with this annual plan is crowd control. Many other local couples always have the same idea on this most romantic day of the year that we have. If you can relate to this scenario, why not reserve your Valentine’s Day restaurant now? Many eateries take reservations for this special occasion early. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you can be seated and served your delicious food quickly. On this blog, you will learn the many benefits of making reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Reserve Your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Today

4 Tips To Eating A Healthy Diet While On Vacation

Nora Harper

Going on vacation does not mean that you have to expect to gain weight. You can still dine out at restaurants and maintain your health. The key is to think about what you are eating and plan ahead of time. Follow these tips to enjoy your vacation meals without the weight gain.

Choose Water

The biggest way that calories sneak in to your diet is through drinks. You might be drinking soda pop, wine, beer, lemonade or other specialty drinks, but the whole time you are adding unintended calories to your meal. Choose to drink water instead. Water will quench your thirst without adding any calories. If you do want to try a specialty wine with your dinner, choose carefully. Recognize the calories you are adding so that you can counterbalance them somewhere else.

Vary Your Restaurants

Don't go to the same restaurant over and over again on your vacation. Choose different restaurants. It is okay to go to a bar and grill one night and have a big burger and a lot of fried foods. But when you go out for lunch the next day, choose a restaurant that is known for its healthful salads or vegetable soups.

Restaurants that you should only eat at occasionally include: bar and grills, buffets, and fast food restaurants. You will be able to find healthy choices at the following restaurant types: Greek or Mediterranean restaurants, Japanese restaurants, delis, and vegan restaurants.

Healthy Snacking

You are going to get hungry between meals and might be tempted to eat a big bowl of ice cream, get some donuts or buy some candy from a vending machine. Find out where you can get fresh fruit for your snack or carry around small bags of trail mix.

Eating low calorie snacks will help stave your hunger so that you don't order too much food at the restaurant for your next meal. Just make sure that you snack stays between 100 and 200 calories; otherwise you will be eating too much. 

Don't Overestimate Your Activity

Finally, don't overestimate how much physical activity you are doing. You do not want to tell yourself that you can indulge at restaurants because you spent the day walking around. You may be tired from your activities, but you probably did not burn as many calories as you think you did. It is a lot easier to eat 2,000 calories than it is to burn 2,000 calories. Click here for more information about restaurants in your area.